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    Our Mission

    Our country and those who serve have always been important to our family. Amanda grew up in a patriotic family going back generations.  Those experiences instilled a lot of appreciation and support for those serving.  Ryan's awareness and appreciation increased when his brother deployed with the Air Force.  He wanted a way to show his support.  We realized there wasn't anything that would do what we wanted ... so we decided to create it.  

    As we were creating SRVS one of Amanda's friends was in an officer involved shooting and seeing the backlash toward our LEOs and their families we knew SRVS needed to be a symbol of respect and appreciation for ALL who serve us selflessly each day!  The need for unity in our country has never been greater and we found that through giving back we could truly make a difference and change our society one life at a time.  

    There are so many veterans and first responders fighting through PTSD and we are losing far too many to suicide and other harmful ways of coping.  This is why with every shirt purchased we give YOU the opportunity to go tell someone thank you and deliver that shirt.  It is simple, but it is uniquely powerful and life changing.  That shirt lets someone know you care.  It tells them they are not alone and that they are important.  It creates connection and decreases isolation.  That combination prevents suicide and gives strength to those struggling.  We hope you'll join us to show support and HONOR ALL WHO SERVE.